The method of a payment crack of a salary is an important thing also in short-term part-time job.
Since it is also inaudible contents when it becomes since it begins to work, let’s hear it beforehand at the time of the beginning.
In cash, transfer, and transfer, that a commission is pulled from its salary etc. hears how to pay wages.
Also in how to pay wages, in short-term part-time job, weekly payment and Japanese payment besides cycle billing exists.
Cycle billing is a type which has 〆 day and a payday every month, and says the type transferred to the date set in each company.
If it fastens from the committed day in short-term part-time job and there will be between by a day, days until it receives wages will become long.
It seems that prepayment by the payment by the day of a salary may be taken when work is performed over a long period of time also in the case of Japanese payment.
When a contract also has provision of transportation expenses, let’s check whether it is simultaneous with wages.
In the short-term part-time job through an employment agency, wages occur also in the employment agency.
Let’s ask the employment agency which also registered the check about payment when he worked at a part-time job.